Adaptive Experimentation powered by Conduit
Use multi-modal, multi-omics data and AI to
increase success rate of your next experiments
"Conduit sped up the generation of gene lists, used for target identification, from 2 whole months to just a couple of days."

Fabio Sanna,
Principal Scientist, Ochre Bio
Featured in talks at

"Our lab team find Conduit very useful for contextualising the results coming out of our Mass Spec and Knock Out screens"

Senior Computational Biologist,
Global Pharma
"The recommendation system approach in our Conduit partnership increased the accuracy of our target identification by 2.5X"

Director of In Silico Biology,
Combine your proprietary omics data with auto-ingested public sources to create bespoke knowledge graphs and in silico cell lines, tissues and patient cohorts.

Whether wet or dry lab, access simple query or advanced ML analysis to understand targets, disease biology and mechanisms of action.

No-code, collaboration enabled software environment to generate, visualise and share insights at 10X the speed.
What can the Conduit Environment do?
Bring Clarity from Noise
Rigorous comp bio, on an intuitive visual interface, for target identification and biological mechanism understanding
Execute Powerful and Hollistic AI
Knowledge Graph generated Feature Stores for custom Gene Recommendation Systems
Data and IP Guardianship
What decisions and why?
Your data and analysis record for drug target patent application and regulatory submissions
Meet the Team
CEO / Co-Founder
Jamie Cartland
CTO / Co-Founder
Ben Vozza
Data Science Lead
Mingran Cao

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